Thank you for Reviewing

the Draft Plan

Thank you to everyone who reviewed the draft Comprehensive Plan.   Comments to the draft Comprehensive Plan were accepted from March 8 to April 12, 2019.  The Planning & Zoning Commission  reviewed the draft plan at their April 1st meeting.  There were over 400 visitors to the plan website during the public comment period.  Comments to the draft plan have been positive.


The final Comprehensive Plan will be released in mid-May with expected adoption at the June Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.



Click here to view online Draft Plan via Issuu (Good for smart phones)

Great Crowd at

Open House #3

Thank you to everyone who attended Open House #3 on November 29th from 5:00 - 7:30pm at The Pointe.  Attendees at the open house reviewed key components of the draft plan and initial analysis of areas for potential annexation.


The open house on November 29th was the third of three community open houses during the Comprehensive Plan process.


If you missed the open house, you can review the boards and photos from the open house under the 'Documents' tab.


Click here to download the results of the Visual Preference Survey! 



Recent Schedule

April - May:  Focus Group Meetings

May 15, 2018:  Open House #1

May 1 - June 19th:  Community-wide Survey

August 2018:  Discovery Report

September 13, 2018:  Open House #2

October 2018:  Visual Pref Survey Results

November 29, 2018:  Open House #3

February 4, 2019:  Update to Planning & Zoning Commission

March 5, 2019:  Draft Comprehensive Plan


April 1, 2019:  Planning & Zoning Commission meeting to review draft plan.


March 8 to April 12, 2019:  Public comment period for the draft plan.


Upcoming Schedule

June 3, 2019:  Expected plan adoption at Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.